Event Planning

Recognising the cultural, community and economic benefits that events can offer.

We are keen to encourage local events and attract regional, national and international events to the County. Any events planned on Council owned property will require permission. Contact the Property Team

The Council has created an Event Safety Guide offering guidance to event organisers. This is operational advice regarding how to successfully organise/prepare for events and everything that’s entailed. It’s designed to help organisers run safe activities which comply with the law and protect those who attend and work at an event.

Good planning, preparation and management are key to the success of an event and the sub-headings within this guide can be used as a checklist for planning anything that would be required; main areas for consideration within a risk assessment will also be highlighted.


The guide includes information on the following:

  • Improving and ensuring the sustainability of events
  • Regulations that must be followed and applications that will need to made to the different Departments within the Council.
  • Advice regarding compliance with health and safety regulations, licensing requirements and road closures.
  • Advice regarding environmental impact.


Major Events Strategy will be a useful resource for planning small, medium or large events.





ID: 3872, revised 11/03/2022