Give your application the best chance

  • Read the funder’s guidelines to ensure your project meets their aims and objectives.
  • Contact organisations to ask whether your proposal is something they would support before completing applications.
  • Check deadline dates and allow enough time for the project development. It’s also essential to consider other match funding deadlines fit with the timeframe


Remember the ‘five Ws’ to explain your project.

What... will be delivered?

Why...referring to evidence of project need and resulting differences the project will make

Who...will deliver the project, who will benefit from the project and how?

Where...will the project take place, including ownership details deeds or lease

When...will the project commence, be completed or will it be ongoing?


  • When describing your organisation include aims, objectives, the date the organisation started, your legal status and charity registration number (if applicable).
  • Emphasis the differences your project will make.  
  • Phased stages for larger projects may enable a selection of grants from a wider range of funders.
  • Attach all the necessary accompanying documentation required such as constitution, project plan, budget, copy of accounts, case studies/evidence.
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Regional Key Funders

Welsh Government

Welsh Government Range of Grants 


 Community Foundation in Wales

Arts Council Wales 

Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust

The Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust in promoting education, history, language, culture, music and folklore, aims to improve the quality of life of people who live and work in Wales. It particularly it aims to support anyone facing discrimination or disadvantage. 

Sports Council Wales

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Funding Advice

Comic Relief  ~ young people 

BIG Lottery

Awards for All Wales ~ community engagement / inclusion   

Heritage Lottery

Heritage Lottery Young Roots Grant of £10,000-£50,000 to help young people aged 11 to 25 to explore their heritage, from green spaces, museums, and historic sites to language, local memories and youth culture.  

Tudor Trust positive change in communities   

Carnegie Uk Trust flourishing towns and community wellbeing:

Esmee Fairbairn Focuses on arts, children and young people 

Community Shares 

If a project provides a long term social benefit, and is a community asset rather than an event, community shares could be an engaging way to raise funds. Offering your community the opportunity to own shares, will attract investors who will be very supportive advocates of your project.


Crowd Funding is popular but not appropriate for every project, consider the following.

  • Who is your crowd?Other than your local community and beneficiaries are there other organisations or groups with similar ideas that can help you promote your project to bring in additional contributions?
  • Do you have adequate time, support and capacity in your group to run a successful crowd funding campaign?
  • Is your financial target realistic and achievable?
  • Can you keep the initial interest and momentum going?
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Local Fundraising

  • Get local businesses to sponsor your project – all round publicity.
  • Organise an event to show people what you’re doing to raise awareness, community engagement and money
  •  Hold a quiz, bingo or race night

 You may need a public charitable collection permit or licence contact PCC Licensing

Go to GOV.UK for advice

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Does your project require financial support? Becoming a constituted group will enable you to access funding opportunities.

Before attempting to raise money here are some suggestions.

  • Funders will only support constituted groups with governing committee and a bank account.
  • Prepare a project plan that outlines what you aim to achieve and how.
  • Identify who will benefit from your project/ activity
  • Consider the changes in the community resulting from your project  
  • Prepare a realistic budget and know approximately how much money you require.
  • Funders are generally quite specific regarding who, where and what they support. 














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