Cleddau Bridge

Cleddau Bridge

Open to all vehicles
The Cleddau Bridge is currently open to all vehicles

What is classed as a High sided vehicle?

High Sided vehicles are defined as any vehicle whose main body or cabin is higher than 1.9m. Any small protrusions above this level i.e. beacons, aerials or small empty roof racks or bars etc, may be considered exempt.

  • Lorries
  • transit vans
  • minibuses
  • land rovers
  • caravans
  • trailers and wind sensitive loads on roof racks, or similar

are categorised as high-sided vehicles and are not permitted to cross the bridge. Motorcycles and bicycles are also categorised as 'at risk' and are advised not to cross the bridge, when closed to high-sided vehicles.

Bridge status updates

Did you know you can get an update of the bridge status via e-mail or by texting ‘bridge' to 80039 (charged at your standard network rate).

To receive an e-mail, follow the instructions below:-

  1.  Create an online account
  2. Login to your account and choose 'My details' (drop down is by your username)
  3. Then choose, ‘My notifications' 

ID: 1979, revised 22/09/2022