Choosing and Supporting Pembrokeshire

Supporting Pembrokeshire, People and Planet

With not too much planning your event can yield multiple benefits to both you and Pembrokeshire.  By looking after the natural environment and supporting the local economy your reputation can be enhanced and you may find significant efficiency savings.

Things that will enhance your event:

  • Encourage both participants and the audience to use public transport, lift share and if possible get to your event by foot or bicycle.
  • Employing local people
  • Using local food and drink suppliers
  • Making the event environmentally friendly e.g. by good marketing that keeps paper advertising at a minimum, using refillable bottles, providing recycling facilities and keeping event/route litter free.
  • Supporting local good causes, charities and community resources.  If your event is benefiting from the use of a community or public resource like a local park or footpath, then you may like to make a contribution to its upkeep.  In the current financial climate the ongoing management of these resources is often under significant strain and contributions to their upkeep are always appreciated and can also give your event positive publicity
  •  Protecting wildlife and other animals.


ID: 4694, revised 14/02/2020