Children with Disabilities

Who is eligible for support?

Children with disabilities are defined as ‘children in need' by the Children Act 1989 because of their disability. Some of these children are also assessed as having substantial or critical needs that may require specialist support from the Children with Disability Team, in addition to universal and targeted services. Children eligible for this support are those that live in Pembrokeshire and have disabilities or illnesses that are severe and enduring including:-

  • Children and young people of less than 18 years of age who have a permanent and /or substantial physical or learning disability. A substantial disability is a severe or profound one that the child requires significant support from another person or equipment to carry out basic functioning (e.g. personal care, eating) and this support is likely to be required when the child or young person becomes an adult. This can include a physical or mental impairment, a sensory impairment and diagnosed ASD
  • Children and young people of less than 18 years of age who have a terminal or life threatening illness.

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ID: 1815, revised 14/07/2022