Children with Disabilities

Who is eligible for support?

Children with disabilities are defined as ‘children in need' by the Children Act 1989 because of their disability.  Some of these children are also assessed as having substantial or critical needs that may require specialist support from the Children with Disability Team, in addition to universal and targeted services.   Children eligible for this support are those that live in Pembrokeshire and have disabilities or illnesses that are severe and enduring including:-

  • Children and young people of less than 18 years of age who have a permanent and /or substantial physical or learning disability.  A substantial disability is a severe or profound one that the child requires significant support from another person or equipment to carry out basic functioning (e.g. personal care, eating) and this support is likely to be required when the child or young person becomes an adult.   This can include a physical or mental impairment, a sensory impairment and diagnosed autism.
  • Children and young people of less than 18 years of age who have a chronic illness.  A chronic illness is a disease or disorder that continues over an extended period of time and causes continuous or episodic periods of incapacity.
  • Children and young people of less than 18 years of age who have a terminal or life threatening illness.

Other children with disabilities may have additional needs but the impact of their disability on their day to day living arrangements means that they do not require specialist statutory support and their needs can be met appropriately with additional support from universal or targeted services.

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Finding out what support you need

All referrals to the Children with Disabilities Team are made by contacting the Child Care Assessment Team.Referrals by professionals should be made using the Interagency Form.  On receipt of a referral, a worker will be allocated to undertake an assessment of the child and family.

This is because not all children and families require the same level of support, some need more than others because of the nature of their child's disability and family circumstances.   An assessment helps us to ensure we provide the right level of support and services at the right time. 

Children and young people with disabilities are assessed in the context of the impact any impairment has on their quality of life and that of their family.  The purpose of an assessment is to gather information to analyse a child's needs and decide if support is required.  We do this by talking with parents/ carers and the child.  We will, with permission, liaise closely with other professionals such as teachers, health visitors, doctors and voluntary agency workers that are involved with the child or family.

Content of assessment - Carers' assessment

Following an assessment, the key worker or social worker will discuss with you the type of support and services that could meet your needs.  If you request, or your assessment suggests, a specific specialist service, the decision to provide the service is made at an Integrated Services Panel.  This panel is attended by managers from the Children with Disability Team, the Inclusion Team and some of the Service provision.  This process ensures decisions are made in a fair and open way.

For further information please contact:

Childcare Assessment Team on 01437 764551

Existing service users please contact:

Tracy Allison

Interim Intergrated Service Manager, Children with Disabilities Team

Tel: 01437 776350


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How we may be able to help

There are three levels of services available:-

a)     Universal Services

These are services that are available to all children and young people such as education, general practitioner services, health visitors, community activities, youth centres, sports and leisure centres, after school clubs and play activities.  These services will be the first point of contact for families.  We promote inclusion and support universal services to meet the needs of children and young people with disabilities.  Assessment is not needed to access these services.

b)     Targeted Services.

These services are early help services where children and families require additional support and often support from more than one agency (i.e. TAPPAS/TAF)

c)     Specialist Services

These are services available to children and families who have been assessed as meeting the eligibility criteria from the Council's Integrated Services / Children with Disability Team or the Continuing Care guidance in the NHS.

These services also include

  • Provision of advice, information, support and practical help.
  • A social worker or key worker and linking with other services e.g. Health / Education
  • Short Break provision - residential and foster care
  • Direct payments
  • Support to access social and community activities.
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