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Children and Schools - Transition to the new normal

COVID-19 School Transport Information

  • As social distancing on school buses is extremely challenging, with capacity being limited to less than 20%, we are encouraging parents and carers to take children to school by walking or cycling, or alternatively by private car.
  • School transport will only be provided to pupils who have no other alternative.
  • If you require School Transport for your child, you must book a place with the school which they attend.
  • Pupils should NOT travel if they are:
  • experiencing any coronavirus symptoms.
  • self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms or sharing a household. with somebody with symptoms.
  • clinically extremely vulnerable.
  •  shielding because of a medical condition.

Instructions for pupils using school transport:

  • Pupils are encouraged to wear a face mask or snood whilst travelling on school transport. Please see link to WG guidance on how to make a 3 ply face mask
  • Avoid touching any surfaces at bus shelters and within the bus.
  • Whilst waiting at the bus stop, pupils must keep 2 metres away from others.
  • When getting on and off the bus, pupils should queue 2 metres apart.
  • On entering the bus, pupils should use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Pupils must only sit in a seat which is next to a window with a green tick. They should go to the available seat nearest the back of the bus. This will avoid the need to pass other pupils.
  • When exiting the vehicles, the pupil nearest the front should leave first and the pupil at the back will be the last to leave.
  • Pupils should follow the instructions of the driver at all times.
  • Social Distancing rules should be adhered to at all times.
  • Pupils should wash their hands before and after each journey.
  • If a pupil needs to cough or sneeze during the journey, they should:
ID: 6589, revised 08/07/2020