Child Development

Birth to five

The Welsh Government provides a publication 'Birth to Five' free to parents in Wales.

It is based on the Department of Health publication which has been revised and updated for Wales, and is bilingual. 'Birth to Five' includes information on:

  • the first weeks with a new baby
  • growth and development
  • learning and playing
  • habits and behaviour
  • feeding your child
  • illness and accidents
  • mothers' health
  • services
  • rights and benefits

Welsh Government - Birth to Five

Practical advice on becoming a parent, taking care of yourself and your child and finding practical help and support

Birth to Five Publication

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Feeding your baby

Getting to know your baby

Introducing your baby to solid food

How your child will grow

Learning and playing

Habits and behaviour

Protecting your child

Treating illnesses, infections and injuries

Your own life

Useful services


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