How to Pay

Primary Schools

We want to make paying for school meals simple and convenient as possible for all families across Pembrokeshire. We are introducing alternative methods of payment, allowing Parents/Guardians to pay for school meals via the online payment service or by direct debit.

The Cashless Catering system is available in all schools and is the easiest method of payment. 

You can choose to have school meals every day or only on certain days. Your child will be asked in the morning if they are having a school meal or sandwiches.

Pupils entitled to free school meals will have their accounts automatically credited daily. 

Online Payments

Direct Debit
Telephone Payments
Customer Service Centres

Direct Debit

You will need to complete a direct debit form. One form will be required per child - please ensure that your child's school meal account number 8******* is noted on the form.

Once the form has been completed and processed, you will be sent a letter accompanied with a detailed report showing the balance outstanding at the end of the last calendar month. You'll receive this report on the 2nd week of every month via post or email depending on what option you've ticked on the direct debit form.

** It's important to note that you'll be paying for school meals in arrears i.e the direct debit deducted from your account in December will be paying for the school meals that your child has had in November.

If you agree with the amount, you need to take no further action and the payment will be deducted from your bank account on or as soon after the 28th of the month.

If however you do not agree with the payment due total, please contact the Catering section within 5 working days via Email: or by phone: 01437 775922

Failure to raise any query within this time period will mean that the payment will be taken from your bank / building society account, but can be adjusted in the future if required.



ID: 2047, revised 05/07/2022

Secondary Schools

Cashless Catering is now available at all Pembrokeshire Secondary Schools.

The cashless catering system allows pupils to pay for school meals without the need to carry cash. Instead, pupils are able to pay for their meals using their finger or a cashless catering card.

There is a daily spend limit automatically set on each pupil’s account at £6 per day. If you would like this lowered or increased please contact Catering Services.

Pupils entitled to free school meals will have their accounts automatically credited daily. Any remaining credit will not be carried over to the next day and the balance will be restored to zero before the next day’s allowance is added. However, you can add to the free school meal allowance via any of these payment methods. Any value added to the card over the free school meal allowance can be spent freely and will be carried over if not used.

Cashless Catering Card
Online Payments
Telephone Payments 
Customer Service Centre

Cashless Catering Card

Cards are provided by your child’s school. If your child loses their card it will be suspended and a new card will be issued. The school meals account number will not change and the balance from the old card will be transferred over, but there will be a small charge of £2 for the replacement card.

Cashless Catering – COVID 19

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Catering Service have considered the safest and most appropriate way of providing meals to pupils using Cashless Catering. The following measures will apply in all secondary schools:

·         The Biometric (fingerprint) payment option will be withdrawn until further notice 

·         Pupils who currently use the Biometric option and therefore do not have Cashless cards will be provided with a new card at the school.

·         Any pupils who have lost/damaged their Cashless cards can request a new one from the school canteen

·         Any staff wishing to purchase food will also need to request a Cashless card

·         No cash will be accepted in schools.

·         Coin-loader machines in schools will only be used to check balances by scanning the Cashless cards.

·         Meal accounts can be topped up online through My Account or by phoning the Council Contact Centre on 01437 764551

·         To request a meal account number, or for any further information, please email


ID: 2076, revised 24/08/2020

Online Payments

Your child/children will be issued with a School Meals Account number. This number can then be used to make a payment online via the Pembrokeshire County Council My Account online facility.

This is the easiest and most convenient method of payment.

Benefits include:

  • Top up your child’s account at a time to suit you
  • Check your balance online
  • Itemised transaction summary available on a daily basis
  • No need to find cash

Please note that online payments won’t be credited to your child’s account until the following day.

ID: 2119, revised 18/10/2021

Telephone Payments

  • Call the County Council’s Contact Centre on 01437 764551
  • You will need to have your child /children’s account number and your debit or credit card.
  • The contact centre staff will then ask you how much you want to pay and then for you card details.
  • You will be provided with a verbal receipt number.

The Contact Centre is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

ID: 2609, revised 02/01/2018