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Are you a young carer?

If you do one or more of the following you may be a young carer:

  • Help a family member who is sick, has a disability, a mental illness or has
    problems with drugs or alcohol
  • Help look after your brothers or sisters
  • Cannot always do what your friends do because you help someone
  • Have to do extra chores to help out around the house because no one else can do
  • them
  • Find that helping at home is sometimes more important than homework or school
  • Are really tired all the time because of all the help you have to give
  • Worry about the person you help when you are not there

For more information on young carers, or if you think you are a young carer, please visit the Pembrokeshire County Council website or telephone 01437 764551. You will be able to find out details of the organisations that support young carers in Pembrokeshire.

ID: 2204, revised 24/01/2018