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Getting a break

It is important that you have regular breaks from caring and have time to yourself.  You can ask Adult Care staff for advice and information about local respite services, and whether they can arrange help for you, or you can approach other organisations yourself.  Carers must have had a carers assessment to be eligible for assistance from Adult Care.

If you make your own arrangements, make sure that the people you talk to understand that you are looking for help that will allow you to have time to yourself, even if it is just for an hour or so.

Services that can help:

  • There are various day opportunities which provide activities and company for the person you look after giving them a valuable opportunity to get out and about.
  • Pembrokeshire County Council run an ‘Adult Placement’ scheme which offers day care and are mainly for people with learning disabilities but also offer help for others.
  • ‘Sitting services’ provide someone who comes to your home while you have time to yourself.
  • Many care homes offer informal day care, where someone can regularly spend a day with the residents.  Some also offer short stay, either as a one-off or on a regular basis.
  • You can get live-in help for a short period to allow you to take a break
  • If the person you look after needs special care that would make an ordinary holiday difficult, you can get information from specialist holiday organisations.

Crossroads Mid and West Wales
Crossroads Mid and West Wales offers practical support to carers, giving them a vital break away from their caring responsibilities. They can supply trained carer support workers, usually in the home, to relieve the carer for periods of time. Once they arrive, the carer is free to do as they wish - see friends, keep appointments, shop, study, work, or simply get some well-earned rest.

Almost all their services are offered free of charge and are adapted to suit each situation according to need and personal preference.

For further information:
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