Carers of Children (Parent Carers)

Information for carers of disabled children - parents or someone else who has responsibility for looking after the child

If you are in touch with Social Services and we are assessing your child's needs, we will also talk to you about your own needs as a carer. We will look at what help your child needs, over and above what any child would need, and take account of what you feel you are able to do, and what support you feel you need. This is an opportunity for you to talk about how you feel, what effect caring has on your life and the kind of help that would make it easier for you to care. 

If you want to ask for an assessment of your child's needs or your needs as a carer please contact us on 01437 764551 or email

If you want information, advice or assistance for yourself Pembrokeshire Carers Information & Support Service offer help and support for carers. This includes information advice, an emergency card, training, activities and support groups.

Tel: 01437 611002 or email

Other sources of support

Carers Trust (opens in a new tab)       

Carers UK (opens in a new tab)  

Contact a Family (opens in a new tab) is a national organisation for families with disabled children. It provides information and advice through publications and its website. 

SNAP Cymru (opens in a new tab) provides information and support to the families of children with special educational needs. 


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