Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027

Social Care


We will support people with appropriate care and support to live in their own homes and communities, focusing on prevention and ensuring vulnerable people are safe.


We will:

  • Introduce a minimum rate of pay for domiciliary care workers who provide care into people’s homes of £11.50 per hour effective from 2023, properly valuing the professional and difficult job carers do.
  • Grow our direct delivery presence and rebalance the market.  This will mean investing in growing and/or developing council run care homes.
  • Continue to develop social worker traineeships, building on our ‘grow your own’ approach to increasing numbers of social workers to meet demand.
  • Promote social care as a career of choice with the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives, developing a career pathway.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to reduce poverty and enhance prosperity.
  • Aim to have a minimum of 6 spaces for children in council-run homes within the period of this administration.
  • Reduce the numbers of children in care by preventing children coming into care and supporting children to leave care safely.
  • Create capacity to deliver care services to vulnerable people who need them, building in resilience to respond to market failure and challenges.  
  • Develop a range of meaningful day opportunities and respite services for individual families and carers.
  • Build a diverse and vibrant market, which includes micro and social enterprise development, rebalancing the market and a commissioning strategy in response to the market stability report.
  • Work with the Health Board to ensure people receive a seamless and coordinated provision and ensure no-one who needs support is left in the gaps between services.
  • Continue to identify and implement effective approaches to digital inclusion and technology enabled care and support.
  • Increase the uptake of direct payments.
  • Work with partners to ensure successful resettlement of people from Ukraine to Pembrokeshire.
ID: 9738, revised 09/03/2023