Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027



We will shape and enhance the environment of Pembrokeshire, and play a critical role in delivering housing, sustaining and attracting businesses, balancing the impacts of developments on communities and contributing to the Council’s response to the climate and nature emergencies. 


We will:

  • Strengthen the strategic role of planning to assist in delivering housing and employment growth in the County.
  • Progress the delivery of a Local Development Plan 2, using interim policy advice to ensure our approach is consistent with national policy direction where appropriate.
  • Set out an ambitious, unashamedly growth focussed new Development Plan for Pembrokeshire (LDP2) which supports and enables significant housing growth and links seamlessly with those of our partners across the region and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.
  • Progress the delivery of the Strategic Development Plan for South West Wales through the Corporate Joint Committees.  
  • Instigate a programme of improvement resulting in 90% of all planning applications being determined within agreed timescales, and to consistently rank within the top quarter of all Welsh Local Planning Authorities in terms of Welsh Government performance monitoring.
  • Ensure enforcement (which remains a last resort), is used appropriately, and clear the historic backlog of enforcement cases, increase investigation resource, future proof the service and review existing processes and policy.
  • Progress enforcement cases to prosecution stage and ensure that successful cases are communicated to the public, with a view to raise awareness of the potential consequences of unauthorised development.
  • Explore IT improvements to increase transparency of the planning service and improve the process for planning officers, applicants and the community.
  • Strengthen our contribution to the nature recovery agenda, working in partnership to maximise funding opportunities and deliver biodiversity enhancements at scale.
  • Provide a high quality Building Control service and raise the profile of the team’s work.
ID: 9740, revised 09/03/2023