Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027



We will work innovatively and prudentially to deliver the Programme for Administration within available financial resources, quality and timescale constraints.


We will:

  • Work with all stakeholders to agree and then deliver an annual affordable, balanced budget as part of sustainable and responsive Medium Term Financial Plan.
  • Work towards presenting “live” financial and resource information to stakeholders.
  • Continually improve our business processes and productivity to deliver fit-for-purpose services at the lowest sustainable cost.
  • Clearly communicate the threats and opportunities facing the Council and recommend appropriate mitigation and maximisation measures.
  • Pursue ‘invest to save’ and ‘service reconfiguration’ opportunities to deliver future savings and efficiencies.
  • Identify alternative income streams to help close funding gaps utilising the Council’s general power of competency.
  • Recommend prioritisation options to protect statutory services and those needed by the most vulnerable in our County.
  • Obtain views of as many residents as possible through the annual budget stakeholder consultation.
  • Ensure the Council is fully compliant with all financial statutory obligations.
ID: 9742, revised 09/03/2023