Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027

Climate Change


We will meet our 2030 target of being a net zero carbon Council, and work towards decarbonising the transport system over the longer term.

We will take an innovative approach to protecting and promoting our environment and our capacity to adapt to climate change.


We will:

  • Promote the importance of environmental sustainability, winning hearts and minds so that everyone in our communities are inspired to do their bit.
  • Continue to be a leading local authority in terms of recycling.
  • Remove carbon from the Council’s operations be that street lighting, heating our corporate buildings or from the emissions from our vehicle fleet exhausts.
  • Invest in public transport and infrastructure to support the transition to electric/hydrogen fuelled vehicles.
  • Develop a network of cycle and walking routes between 10 of our towns to reduce car usage and encourage people to be more physically active.
  • Manage our land and assets to ensure the natural environment is enhanced and protected.
ID: 9736, revised 09/03/2023