Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027

Key achievements from our previous Programme for Administration

We committed to creating an in-house domiciliary care service

We did and we now directly provide more than 20% of all domiciliary care in Pembrokeshire


We committed to investing in and transforming our town centres

We did and more than £25m in external funding has been secured for projects now on site in Pembroke and Haverfordwest


We committed to working with Welsh Government to abolish the Cleddau Bridge tolls

We did and now someone living one side of the bridge and working the other has more than £270 extra in their pocket each year


We committed to working with partners on the Swansea Bay City Deal and specifically the Pembroke Dock Marine Project

We did and work has recently started on a £60m programme at Pembroke Port as a result


We committed to continuing to invest in our schools through the 21st Century Schools Programme

We did and more than a dozen schools have been built and opened, refurbished or are under construction, including a new secondary school in Haverfordwest and delivered a significant extension of the provision of Welsh-medium education throughout the County


We committed to increasing recycling rates 

We did and by 2020-21 this increased to 73.2%, the highest figure in Wales for the second year running


We committed to developing the ‘Enhancing Pembrokeshire’ Grant to support community projects that evidence a reduction in the impact of second home ownership

We did and since 2018 there has been 140 successful applicants and £2,427,263 awarded through the scheme


We committed to maximising partnership working and effective use of joint funding opportunities and community support

We did and supported the creation of a permanent Pembrokeshire Community Hub based at PAVS


We committed to creating a flexible workforce which requires less building space through the effective use of technology

We did and through our Smarter Working project we were able to re-organise where staff worked quickly and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also rationalised our administrative buildings, for instance selling Cherry Grove in March 2022

ID: 9734, revised 09/03/2023