Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027

A Programme for Administration of Pembrokeshire County Council 2022-2027

The Council plays an important leadership role in shaping the type of place we want Pembrokeshire to be in the future and our collective vision is centred on the following:

  • Pembrokeshire is a great place to live, work and visit
  • Our young people and learners receive high quality education
  • Vulnerable people receive care and support through their life cycle
  • Appropriate housing is available, accessible and affordable
  • Pembrokeshire is a net zero carbon County, leading the way in green and blue energy renewables
  • Fewer families and households experience poverty and inequality
  • Our communities are active and thriving
  • We make a positive difference for future generations through the things we do today

We recognise this will take time, effort and commitment as we continue to build on what has been delivered over the previous 5 years. 

Our Programme for Administration is arranged around the portfolios of the Cabinet members of Pembrokeshire County Council and is designed to help us get to where we want to be and to realise our vision for the future. 

In each case the relevant Cabinet member will be responsible for their individual parts of the Programme that relate to their portfolio, but the whole Cabinet welcomes collective responsibility for the entire programme, led by the Council Leader with his portfolio responsibility for Corporate Matters. In many cases, individual parts of the programme will require two or more Cabinet Members and service directorates to work closely together.

While most portfolio areas focus on the delivery of front-line services to our residents, some – such as Corporate Improvement, Finance and Communities – provide the foundations for the work of the Council as a whole, strengthening our collective ability to deliver effective and efficient public services. Certain key principles underpin this approach: we will be agile, innovative and ambitious, and will build strong and sustainable relationships with our partners, key stakeholders and communities.

This programme is designed to deliver positive and lasting change for Pembrokeshire and we look forward to delivering it with our officers, Councillors, partners from across the public, private and third sectors and most importantly with the communities and people of Pembrokeshire.

ID: 9732, revised 09/03/2023