Cabinet programme for administration 2022 2027

Cabinet Programme for Administration 2022-2027

Foreword from the Leader

It is with great pleasure that I am able to present, on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet, our Programme for Administration 2022-2027.

I am pleased to say we made good progress delivering against the priorities from our first Programme for Administration in 2018 and this new document sets out how we intend to build on the good work we have started. 

The pressures we face in Local Government today are significant, and while we have made progress in improving core services such as Education, Social Care and Housing, serious challenges remain. These include ongoing uncertainties around funding, increasing demand for services, and a population that is living longer.  In addition, we are not immune to external factors which have a direct or indirect impact on our ability to deliver. At the time of writing we are seeing rising inflation, global supply chain challenges, uncertainty at a national government level, conflict in Europe and a cost of living crisis. 

While this is a forward looking document it is important to briefly reflect on what has happened over the last couple of years. I am incredibly proud of the way people and communities in Pembrokeshire responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would also thank our employees as our organisational response to the pandemic demonstrated the skills, values and commitment of our staff like never before. I am proud of the work that they do, and we continue to rely on them day-in day-out.

Against the backdrop of the significant challenges we face, we must look forward positively and confidently, and I believe that this is what our ambitious Programme for Administration sets out. It has been developed in line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, and my Cabinet and I are committed to working with our officers to deliver a positive and lasting change for our wonderful County.

Cllr David Simpson, JP

ID: 9731, revised 09/03/2023