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Business Advice and Support

Using the Welsh Language in Your Business

Helo Blod is a free, fast and friendly Welsh translation and advice service that will help you use more Welsh in your business. Using just a little bit of Cymraeg can make a big difference to your business.

From translating menus, business cards or signage, to advice on making your website bilingual – Helo Blod is here to support you!

Helo Blod can provide:

  • free translations – Helo Blod can translate up to 500 words per month for you, completely free of charge
  • text checking – Helo Blod can check 1,000 words per year for free, so you have the peace of mind that the materials you’re producing in Welsh are correct
  • advice and guidance – Helo Blod can offer practical advice, guidance and support to help your business use a little (or a lot) of Welsh, and if you need anything extra, Helo Blod will put you in touch with someone who can help - just ask Blod!
  • merchandise – Helo Blod can send out useful goodies like lanyards and badges, which let your customers know you have staff who can speak or are learning Welsh

So what are you waiting for? Just pop over to our website and start making the most of Helo Blod’s services today or e-mail


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