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Small Steps to Enterprise - Who have we worked with?

Small Steps to Enterprise has helped a number of young entrepreneurs in Pembrokeshire from photographers to confectionary makers and online traders. From mentoring to business planning, we offer practical support for young people in Pembrokeshire aged 14 - 25 with a passion for business. Our 'Small Steps to Enterprise' loan has so far been awarded to 6 Pembrokeshire young entrepreneurs.

Jack Lear has been running an online business for just over 18 months, specialising in all-in-one lycra suits, or 'Body Socks,' as fancy dress costumes. Jack has found a niche in the popular fancy dress market and Body Socks are selling all over the world, with a huge order recently coming in from the Caribbean! When sales began to increase, Jack decided he needed extra space for the storage of the costumes and so took a lease on a property in Pembroke Dock. The 'Small Steps to Enterprise' loan helped Jack in covering the costs of furnishing the property. Check out Jack's website at: Body Socks

 Angharad Thomas is an A Level student at Greenhill School with a passion for photography. It all began as a hobby for Angharad, capturing moments with her friends and scenic shots in Pembrokeshire's beautiful countryside. As her talent grew, Angharad turned her hobby into a business and this year alone has photographed three local weddings alongside her other portrait and corporate works and also her school work. Take a look at Angharad's work at: Angharad Thomas Photography

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