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Bus Routes - List Coastal Buses

The 315, 360, 361 and 405 services have been replaced with Fflecsi Pembrokeshire (opens in a new tab). Instead of operating a fixed route and a set timetable, Fflecsi operates within a set zone and is available anytime between 7.30am and 6.30pm (Monday to Saturday). Customers can book by downloading the Fflecsi App from the App Store or Play Store. Alternatively you can book by phoning 0300 234 0300 (Mon-Sat: 7am – 7pm/Sun: 9am – 6pm).


387 / 388 Coastal Cruiser (Summer)   

387 / 388 Coastal Cruiser (Winter)

400 Puffin Shuttle: St Davids - Marloes (Summer)

403 Celtic Coaster (Summer)

404 Strumble Shuttle: (Summer)

Tenby Coaster


Do the coastal buses run in the winter?

Yes, only the 387/388 Coastal Cruiser from October 3rd 2024 to May 24th 2025. They offer a reduced service during the winter, which reflects demand at this time of year. Please check timetables for days and times.

387/388 Coastal Cruiser 

between Pembroke – Angle – Bosherston - Stackpole - Freshwater East on: Thursdays and Saturdays

In addition to these buses there are local bus services that run all year round. See Timetables for further information

When do the buses run in the summer?

May 25th to 29th September 2024. Please check timetables for days and times.

Where do I get a bus timetable?

All the coastal bus timetable are available to download and print off this website. Simply click on ‘Timetables’ in the public transport section. If you would like a timetable leaflet sent to you in the post please e-mail: greenways@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

How do I walk the coast path without a car?

Easy! Catch a train, coach or ferry into Pembrokeshire and then use the buses to get around. The beauty of using the coastal buses is that you catch a bus out to the start of your walk and you can then walk back in your own time without the worry of having to catch the bus at a set time.

Can I bring my dog on the bus?

Yes, your dog is welcome on the bus (at the drivers discretion) providing they are clean, kept on a lead and sit on the floor out of the way of other passengers. All we ask is that you be a responsible owner and clean up after your little friend - leave only paw prints behind!

How much do the buses cost?

It is difficult to give you an exact fare as the coastal buses are registered local services, with fares structured accordingly. If you would like to know the cost please ring the bus operator directly, contact details are shown on the timetables.

All Wales Bus Pass holders travel free on the coastal buses - simply show your pass to the driver.

If you are using lots of buses in one day the West Wales Rover ticket is good value and is valid for all day travel. Adults £8.50, Children £4.50. Adult Weekly £34, Children Weekly £16. If you are planning to come to Pembrokeshire by public transport look into the Wales Flexi Pass, which is accepted on all coastal buses.

Can I bring my bike on the bus?

Unfortunately the buses are unable to carry bikes due to current legislation. Don’t forget you can carry bikes on trains: 2x bikes on the Transport For Wales and 6x bikes on the First Great Western Trains.

Where do I catch the bus?

The buses run to a timetable, which describes where the bus stops are located. In towns you catch the bus at a recognised bus stop, but once you get into the countryside the buses operate on a 'Hail and Ride' basis, which means you don't have to find a bus stop to catch the bus. Simply join the road and flag the bus down as it passes you.

How will I know where to get off the bus?

Our local drivers are very knowledgeable about the area and will help you locate walking drop-off and pick-up points, find your destination or recommend one!

We are a big group, can we book a bus?

If you are a group of 8+ people wishing to use the coastal buses then please contact the appropriate bus operator in advance of travel to discuss your travel plans (Mon-Fri, during office hours). The bus operator number is listed on the bus timetable.

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