Plans and Guidance

The Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP)provides a framework within which existing and new actions are co-ordinated to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire, taking account of local and national priorities. Parts 1 and 2 of the LBAP are published here for reference. The Pembrokeshire Nature Recovery Action Plan provides the most current guidance.

Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2011 : This provides a brief background to biodiversity in Pembrokeshire and the role of the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership (forerunner of the Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership). It also includes information on the priority habitats and species in Pembrokeshire. 

LBAP Part 2: provides a series of species and habitat action plans for key features in Pembrokeshire, identifying trends, threats and suggested action to address them. 

1.    Generic Action Plans

2.    Grouped Habitat Action Plans

3.    Grouped Species Action Plans

4.    Species Action Plans

Pembrokeshire Nature Recovery Action Plan

Nature Recovery Action Plan for Pembrokeshire Part 1: Our Strategy for Nature


Guidance on Selection of Trees and Shrubs in Pembrokeshire


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