Approval of Food Premises

Are any categories of premises exempt from approval?

As stated above approval is needed for businesses who sell their products on to other businesses. It primarily relates to manufacturers of products. It is not necessary for retail sale of foods, so if you are a catering premises or a retail shop selling the foods mentioned above you will not need to be approved.

Some manufacturers are also exempt from approval if the supply of products to other businesses, constitutes only a small part of the company's business, i.e. less than 25%, or in the case of meat you handle less than 2 tonnes of meat per week. The sale to other businesses of products of animal origin must also only take place on a localised basis, i.e. within Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.

There is also an exemption for manufacturers of certain products which contain both processed products of animal origin and products of plant origin.

ID: 1554, revised 12/10/2022