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Futureworks is a work-based learning provider; we have been working in partnershipwith Skills Academy Wales NPTC and LRC Training to deliver Traineeships on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills, Welsh Government.

Traineeships is a learning is a new learning programme for young people aged between 16-18 years old, in Wales. The programme aims to give young people the skills needed to get a job or progress to further learning at a higher level, such as an apprenticeship or further education.

Traineeships are not time-bound, but are based on the needs of each individual learner and support each individual learner by providing an allowance and help with travel costs. Learners receive an allowance of £30 per week for the Engagement Traineeship for 21 hours per week attendance and £50 per week for the Level 1 Traineeship for 35-40 hours per week attendance (dependent on work placement).

Careers Wales referring young people aged 16-18 to Traineeships, to find out more go to Careers Wales Online (opens new window) and search the Courses in Wales database for opportunities in your area or alternatively call the Learning and Careers Advice helpline on 0800 100 900

Futureworks currently offer the following traineeships opportunities:

Engagement Traineeship:

This is for you if you are not sure what you want to do for a career or if you are not quite ready to immediately take part in employment or other learning.  It will also prepare you for the world of work or full-time learning. It might include work placements, community projects, or training at one of our centres. Engagement can also help when you have been offered a job which is dependent on a work trial or pre-employment probationary period.

Level 1 Traineeship:

If you know what career at this level you want to follow and are ready and able to undertake full-time learning then you can access this level directly. Level 1 could also include work placements, community projects and training with Futureworks while you do an NVQ or other qualifications in the sector you have chosen.

Futureworks currently offers Level 1 learning in:

  • Futureworks - Business & Administration
  • Futureworks - Customer Service
  • Futureworks - Horticulture
  • Futureworks - Engineering Level 1
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Information Technology
  • Employability Skills
  • Futureworks - Caring for Children

Click on the sector title for more information about Traineeships and Apprenticeships in each industry.

For more information about Futureworks' Traineeships contact us on:

01437 776437

Information about Traineeships can also be found at:


Careers Wales



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