Annual Report of the Statutory Director of Social Services 2021

Directors Summary of Performance

In this section I provide an overview of our performance during the year. During 2020/21 the Welsh Government introduced a new code of practice in relation to the performance and improvement of social care services in Wales.

As I did in my report for 2020/21, I have included some of these new measures to provide some information on how we performed for the second year running. I have provided a comparison on the previous year so we can identify if performance has improved or declined. Regular review of data by our tactical response team enables us to instigate mitigating actions to minimise the impacts demand and workforce shortages on our service users. 

We continue to provide Welsh Government with regular data updates so that they could closely monitor demand for services and workforce pressures across Wales.

Adult Care Performance 2021/22

Children's Performance Reporting 2020/21

Regulatory Inspection Care Inspectorate Wales

Regulatory Inspection Audit Wales

ID: 9543, revised 16/03/2023