Animal Health and Welfare

Animal Health and Welfare

The Animal Health & Welfare Team is responsible for advice, information and enforcement of animal health and licensing legislation for those involved in keeping livestock.

The primary objectives of this Council are:

  • To prevent, control and eradicate animal diseases
  • To protect the welfare of animals at agricultural holdings, in transit and at markets
  • To safeguard human health and the food chain from transmissible diseases
  • To license animal establishments including pet shops, zoos, animal boarders, dog breeders and horse riding establishments

Animal Health Officers enforce all aspects of the relevant legislation and their duties include:

  • Attend slaughterhouses, markets/gatherings and livestock sales, to ensure correct documentation, fitness of livestock, correct penning and handling methods.
  • Farm inspections to ensure compliance with records and welfare
  • Investigate complaints regarding welfare
  • Take formal action against offenders where other action has been unsuccessful.

We do not deal with the welfare of companion animals e.g. Equines or dogs and cats in a domestic environment. 

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Animal Health and Welfare Team

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