Animal Establishment Licensing

Riding Establishments

Where horses are kept for hire for riding or for the purpose of being used, in return for payment, or instruction in riding, then that establishment will need a license under the Riding Establishment's Act 1964 & 1970.

Riding establishments are inspected by a veterinary surgeon and Animal Health and Welfare Inspector.

Before issuing a license the Council will inspect a premise to ensure that:

  • Horses must be in good health and capable of the work required of them.
  • All riding equipment supplied should be free from visible defect which is likely to cause suffering to the horse or accident to the rider.
  • The feet of all horses should be trimmed and if shod, their shoes must be fitted properly and in good condition.
  • Any horses found during the inspection to be in need of veterinary attention must not be used for work.
  • The horses shall be supplied with suitable grazing, shelter, water and supplementary feeds.
  • Stabled horses must be supplied with suitable feed, exercise, water and bedding material and groomed at regular intervals.
  • All reasonable steps need to be in place to prevent the spread of infectious and contagious diseases.

For more information:

Horse Riding Conditions

If you have any welfare concerns for animals within a riding establishment or believe a person is trading without a licence please contact us directly

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