After the event

After the event

Once the event is over its useful to reflect and assess how it went and opportunities that can be reduced or overcome in the future.

Think about:

  • How the event went overall including participant and local community feedback.
  • Were you prepared enough for the event and did you handle any risks, hazards or the unexpected appropriately.
  • What would you do differently if you were to run the event again.

Site Condition and Restoration

After the event, another inspection should be carried out to make sure nothing has been left on the site. This inspection should also identify any damage, which may have been caused during the event.

If any structures are left overnight, it must be ensured that they are left in a safe condition and are safe from vandalism, etc. If numerous structures are left, specific security arrangements should be required.

The site should be left the same condition as before the event was created. 

Thank you and feedback

It is amazing how much showing appreciation of all involved and affected can mean to people. Taking the time to thank those individuals and groups can make a big difference in the feeling of the outcomes of the event. If you have any photos from the event include them in your thank you as it will also let them see the success of the event.

Say thank you to:

  • your sponsors
  • speakers
  • venue host or landowner
  • stewards and volunteers
  • anyone who made the event happen.

It is good practice and useful  for your own records  to obtain feedback from participants and all groups that could have been affected, after the restoration work is complete but soon enough so that everyone remembers the main elements of the day.

ID: 4851, revised 08/03/2023