Business Advice: Food Safety and Standards Compliance

Advice Options: Fee-based Service

Our new ‘fee-based' advisory service for food safety and standards, will offer a wide range of advice, including:

  • Advice on premises layout, structure, facilities, equipment.
  • Advice on food safety practices and procedures (e.g. on temperature control requirements, and on how the business could meet guidelines to control the risk of E.coli cross-contamination, where appropriate).
  • Advice/support in developing a food safety management/HACCP systems and maintaining records that are proportionate to business.
  • Advice on the requirements relating to the training, instruction and supervision of food handlers.
  • Advice on the criteria considered under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, and the general requirements to be met in order to attain a high rating - helping new businesses get off to a flying start.
  • Advice on/assistance with food sampling and the significance of any results.
  • Advice on complying with food allergen labelling/information requirements.
  • Advice on complying with other food labelling/ description/ advertising requirements.
  • Advice on food compositional requirements.
  • Approval of food labels/menus/websites/other advertisements prepared by the business.
  • Food premises audits (‘health checks').

with the decision ultimately resting with your business.

ID: 1567, revised 12/10/2022