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Adult Safeguarding for Managers

Designed for:

This course is designed for managers and senior staff to develop/ refresh skills and knowledge in managing suspected and actual cases of abuse within their service settings, with the emphasis on submitting a good quality referral


Course aim:

To provide managers and designated staff with the knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities within Adult Safeguarding to enable them to receive, clarify and refer alerts and manage immediate risks


Why do this course?

At the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  •  How to manage immediate risks;
  • Capacity and consent issues relevant to the Safeguarding process;
  • Your role in clarifying and providing supporting information which will assist the decision maming process
  • The role of your organisation in the Safeguarding process;
  • What to do and what not to do with regard to preserving evidence;
  • The next stages of the Safeguarding process and the implications for yourself or your organisation


ID: 3586, revised 02/08/2018