Action Learning for Domiciliary Care Managers - Pembrokeshire County Council

Adult Learning Courses

Action Learning for Domiciliary Care Managers

Key outcomes covered in the AL sessions

•              Understand action learning theory and practice

•              Experience being part of a safe and controlled action learning set

•              Apply action learning to solve problems and develop critical leadership skills


Additional outcomes

AL is primarily about individuals resolving issues and problems that are pertinent to themselves and their organisation with the help of insightful non-directive questions from a group (the set).

AL will become an additional tool to group/team work techniques practised in the independent care sector in West Wales. Plus, the conventions of AL will provide a clear structure to the following leadership processes: 

·         Prioritising

·         Resolving issues

·         Collaborative working

·         Decision making

·         Taking action

·         Reflecting on action

·         Creating accountable methods of working


ID: 3585, revised 02/08/2018