Adopted Local Development Plan

Implementation and Monitoring

The County Council is committed to demonstrating progress with Plan delivery.

As part of the monitoring framework the Council will prepare and publish an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) with appropriate stakeholder involvement. The AMR is the main mechanism for assessing the relevance and success of this Plan and identifying any necessary actions. It is intended to improve the transparency of the planning process and to inform elected members, the community, business and environmental organisations of Development Plan issues facing the area. Through the AMR the Council will report on the Plan context and the data collected as part of the monitoring and evaluate the effectiveness of the Plan.


The Local Development Plan Annual Monitoring Reports are available here:

Annual Monitoring Report 4: 2016-2017

Annual Monitoring Report 3: 2015-2016

Annual Monitoring Report 2: 2014-2015

Annual Monitoring Report 1: 2013-2014.


Some elements of the Plan are monitored through regular survey work, examples being housing and employment development and changes to town centre areas, as shown below:

Joint Housing Land Availability Studies

Gypsy Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment 2013

Employment Land Survey 2013 

Employment Land Survey 2013 - Appendix 1 & 2

Employment Survey Report 2015

Employment Survey 2015 Results Table

2015 Employment Sites Maps N and E Pembrokeshire

2015 Employment Sites Maps - Haven Waterway

Employment Survey Report 2016

Employment Survey 2016 Results Table

2016 Employment Sites Map - Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Area

2016 Employment Sites Maps - Milford Haven Area

2016 - Employment Sites Maps - Haverfordwest Area

2016 Employment Sites Maps - Fishguard and Goodwick Area

2016 Employment Sites Maps - Neyland Area

2016 Employment Sites Maps - Narberth Area

2016 Employment Sites Maps - Other Areas

2016 Employment Sites Maps - National Park Area

Retail Report 2016

Retail Report 2017

Retail Report 2018

Affordable Housing Delivery:Affordability Index 2015

Solar Array Survey 2016 & external map link 

Solar Array Survey 2017 & external map link 

Local Housing Market Assessment 2014

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