Admission to schools in Pembrokeshire - Information for Parents (next academic year)

Admission to schools in Pembrokeshire - Information for Parents (2024-2025)

Admissions to School Service

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Please Note: The information in this booklet is relevant and accurate at the time of publication. This booklet is reviewed annually and replaces all previous versions. Some adjustment of policy, regulation, provision and resources may be necessary for, or during, the academic year 2023/2024.



A message from the Director of Education, 1 September 2023

Dear Parent or Guardian

This booklet is designed to assist you in making important decisions about which school your child can attend.

To inform your decision making, we recommend that you visit local schools, read the school prospectus and visit the My Local School website (opens in a new tab)

Prior to making your application, we encourage you to use the transport eligibility checker to consider the transport options available to you. 

Whilst most applications are successful, it is not possible for all applications to succeed. 

This booklet explains the process of application and appeal in the event that you do not get your first choice. It is important to note that a successful application to a school does not in any way imply that transport to and from the school is provided.

I wish your child every success in the future.

Steven Richards-Downes

Director for Education
Pembrokeshire County Council
County Hall
SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 764551

School admissions website


Local Charter

Admissions to School Service

As at April 2023 there were 60 schools in Pembrokeshire serving 9330 Full-time and 889 Part-time Primary pupils, and 7071 Secondary age pupils.

Pembrokeshire County Council is the Admission Authority for community and voluntary controlled schools in Pembrokeshire and the Admissions Team deals with all schools’ admissions and transfers, except to voluntary aided schools. The Admission Authority for voluntary aided schools is the governing body of the school concerned.

What you can expect:

  • to receive reliable and impartial advice about schools and expressing a preference
  • to have your application for a school place handled fairly and efficiently
  • that the offer of a place will be made in good time (subject to your application being received in time)
  • a place in your preferred school, unless there are more applications than the admission number will allow entry. If this occurs, all applications will be assessed against the oversubscription criteria
  • to be informed of the County Council’s policies relating to admissions
  • to be informed how to receive a school prospectus and how to arrange a school visit and other relevant information relating to schools in Pembrokeshire
  • information relating to the right of appeal, to an independent appeals panel, if you are not allocated a place at your preferred school
  • an open, fair and effective complaints procedure if you are not satisfied with the services you receive.

What we can expect:

  • for parents/guardians to provide all necessary information as requested when submitting an application form and to contact the admissions team as soon as possible if something has been entered incorrectly
  • for parents/guardians to read this booklet and to therefore be aware of the way applications are dealt with and the timescales involved

If your child has reached compulsory school age and you are not allocated a place at your preferred school, you have the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel. Any parent (except one whose child has been permanently excluded from two schools) whose child is refused any school place, or young person who is refused a place in a school sixth form, has a statutory right of appeal to an independent appeal panel (this right of appeal does not extend to applications for nursery education). Parents of young people who have had an offer of a place withdrawn also have a right of appeal.

You must submit your appeal in writing. Details of how to appeal will be included with your letter/email of notification and are also included in this booklet. If you are dissatisfied with the service provided you may make an official complaint.


Equal opportunities

The policies and practices of the County Council relating to the admission and transfer of pupils and the provision of school transport are not discriminatory and comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Information on the teaching of English and Welsh in Pembrokeshire schools is in Part 1, xvi.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly from an equal opportunities point of view in connection with school admissions or transport please contact: 


David Thompson 
Education Access & Compliance Manager 
Education Directorate 
County Hall
SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 774551 


School Transport:

Matthew Johns
Statutory Transport Officer
Transportation & Environment Directorate
County Hall
SA61 1TP 

Tel: 01437 774551



The County Council Complaints, Compliments and Comments procedure


Data Protection

The information given on the application form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The information on the form will be used for the administration of school admissions or transfers.


Admissions Fair Processing Notice


ID: 10712, revised 03/10/2023