Accessibility Options

Website options

Colour settings – The colour settings of the website are changeable at any time

To change the colour setting use the buttons labelled ‘A’ on the top right of the header.



You can also press the ` key in the top left of the keyboard.


Turn off Fixed Header

For many mobile users a fixed header can be a useful way of keeping access to the menu at all times. If you want to use zoom options however it can be a nuisance.

You can now choose to view our website without a fixed header by using the links below.

Remove Fixed Header
Reinstate Fixed Header

You can come back to this page to change your setting in the future.


Browser options

To increase the size of the page on most modern browsers hold Ctrl and Press + on the keypad. To decrease hold Ctrl and Press – .

We have designed our website to be responsive, so in most cases zooming the page in should work well with up to 400% size (resolution dependant). At this size though it is recommended that Remove Fixed Header is selected.

ID: 4129, revised 17/01/2023