Absorbent Hygiene Products

Terms and Conditions

You should present your waste at the kerbside on your fortnightly collection day in the purple AHP bags we provide, not in black bags or other bags. If you wish, you can put the AHP sack in a bin or other container. This can be any colour, however, there are restrictions on the size of the bin or container to no larger than 240 litres to ensure our waste operatives can manually empty them easily without the risk of injury.

The following items are eligible for this collection service - Nappies and nappy sacks, Incontinence care products such as liners, Wipes and paper tissues, Bed and chair pads, Plastic gloves and disposable aprons and Colostomy/stoma bags.

No other items should be included in the AHP bags, other items should either be recycled where appropriate or disposed of through the residual waste bag.

Registered customers who use the service for disposal of anything other than for its intended purposes will have the service removed.

The subscription lasts for 2 years, we will remind you when it is time to re-register.

If you do not use the service for three consecutive collections your subscription will be cancelled and you will need to reregister. Please inform us if you require this service to be suspended at any time.

There will be no restriction on the quantity of bags which can be placed out per collection but each individual bag has a maximum weight limit of 15 kg and can only include the items above.

ID: 5402, revised 03/07/2019