Absorbent Hygiene Products

Disposable Nappy and Incontinence Waste Collections

Disposable Nappy and Incontinence Waste Collections Leaflet

From September 2019, we will be introducing a new subscription-based fortnightly waste collection service for disposable nappies and other absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) such as incontinence waste care products.

If someone in your home uses disposable nappies or other AHPs, you can register to get them collected separately from your other waste and recycling.


We throw away over 3 billion nappies in the UK every year. A disposable nappy takes up to 500 years to decompose. Collecting nappies and incontinence waste separately means they can be recycled, leaving you with more space in your residual (unrecyclable) bag for waste that cannot be recycled.

When does the collection start?

AHP collections will begin on Monday 2nd September 2019. Depending on where you live, your first collection will be the week commencing 2nd September or the week after. 

How do I register?

From early July 2019, you will be able to register for the AHP collection on My Account

How will it work?

After you have registered, we will provide you with rolls of 60 litre purple sacks for AHP waste only and a calendar of fortnightly collection dates.

You should present your waste at the kerbside on your collection day in the purple AHP bags we provide, not in black bags or other bags. If you wish, you can put the AHP sack in a bin or other container. This can be any colour, however, there will be restrictions on the size of the bin or container to ensure our waste operatives can manually empty them easily without the risk of injury.

Because this is a targeted, subscription-based collection, if you do not use the service for three concurrent collections your subscription will be cancelled and you will need to reregister.

Registered customers who use the service for disposal of anything other than for its intended purposes will have the service removed.

What will be collected?

  • Nappies and nappy sacks
  • Incontinence care products such as liners
  • Wipes and paper tissues, Bed and chair pads
  • Plastic gloves
  • Disposable aprons
  • Colostomy/stoma bags

are all eligible items for this collection service.

This service is not for sanitary waste or feminine hygiene products and these should be disposed of in your residual waste bags.

ID: 5345, revised 05/09/2019