About this guide

About this Guide

We and our partners welcome local, regional, national and international events to the County. We recognise the cultural, community and economic benefits that these events can bring to Pembrokeshire and seek to positively support well planned and managed events.

Pembrokeshire is a special place complemented by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and we are committed to looking after and caring for our beautiful county.  We recognise the important role the natural environment and the role its people have to play in supporting a sustainable and prosperous Pembrokeshire. We look forward to hearing from event organisers who share the spirit of our values.

This guide has been developed to give event organisers advice on how to successfully organise/prepare for events that are enjoyable, safe, well organised and make a positive contribution towards supporting the economy and environment of Pembrokeshire.

It also provides advice on legal duties and other matters which may apply to your event, and provides valuable and consistent information and guidance for new event organisers as well as more experienced teams.

The guide does not replace the need for event organisers to seek advice from other sources and particularly for consultation with relevant local authority officers and the emergency services.

If you can't find the answer to your query, then please contact the relevant local authority department or partner (link to Key contacts)

ID: 4513, revised 18/03/2019