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Clean Streets and Road Maintenance

Clean Streets 

Bin collection -

Pembrokeshire County Council offers weekly collections of Food Waste and Orange Bag Recycling. Black Bag Waste and Glass Recycling is collected every fortnight.

Check the day of your bin collection by typing in your postcode or street name into the Search for Your Bin Day box:


Dog fouling-

Dog fouling in public areas is not a pleasant subject. It is unpleasant to look at, smells and attracts flies. It is nearly always the case that environmental surveys or questionnaires reveal dog fouling to be a major if not the main concern to local residents.

Report instances of Dog Fouling  


Fly-tipping and litter

Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to stamping out the illegal disposal of waste.

Report Fly-Tipping

Litter -

We will endeavor to keep all areas clean at all times and we will formally inspect a minimum of 2% of all streets every two months.

Report Litter Bins


Recycling -

For more information about our Recycling Services please visit our Waste and Recycling Page

To request a Food Waste Bin or subscribe to the Garden Waste service, please sign into My Account


Road maintenance


Abandoned cars - The Authority has powers under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 to remove vehicles that are abandoned in a place accessible to the public for common use. The Authority will pursue the cost of disposal from the last registered keeper.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle


The Council's Building Control service have the delegated responsibility to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety of the public when a building is acknowledged to be in a dangerous condition, for example after a fire, storm damage or vehicular impact.

Dangerous Buildings and Structures


Flooding - Advice and guidance when confronted with Flooding



High Hedges - If you think that a high hedge is detracting from the reasonable enjoyment of your property, home or garden, you may be able to make a complaint to the Council, under the terms of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, to resolve the matter. Visit our page dedicated to High hedges 


Car parks Pembrokeshire County council is reponsible for 97 car parks across the County Parking


Playgrounds - There are 51 play areas currently maintained by Pembrokeshire County Council and 28 that have been funded through Pembrokeshire County Councils Capital Play Scheme. Report damage to Playgrounds



Road Maintenance / Faults - Our primary function is to maintain and preserve the County Highway infrastructure so that it is structurally sound and provides safe passage for all its users, however faults do occur. if you notice one please use the online form to Report Minor Road Fault (Pothole)


Street lights - report damaged or faulty streetlight


Street Works Licence ApplicationsThe Streetcare section is responsible for the co-ordination of activities within the highway, as prescribed within the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, enabling Regulations and Codes of Practice, and the Highways Act 1980.



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