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Electric Car Charging Station in Haverfordwest

Charging Point

1 - Location:

An electric car charging station is located on the ground floor of the Riverside Multi-storey car park in Haverfordwest town centre (postcode: SA61 2LJ)

Charging Point at the Riverside Multi-Storey Car Park

2 - Type of charging station:

The charging post is fitted with 2 sockets (outlets) allowing two vehicles to be charged simultaneously.  Each socket is a Type 2, Mode 3 outlet capable of delivering 32 A (7.7kW) and requires a 7-pin plug.

The charging station will change its power delivery depending on the type of vehicle that plugs in.  Typical charge time is approximately 6 hours from flat to full charge.

3 - How to use the Charging Station:

An access card is required in order to use the electric charge points. Please visit: to find out more and to join the scheme. Alternatively, please phone 01912 650500. There is an annual charge of £20 and a £1 charge per connection. The card will also provide access to all of the charge points on the Charge Your Car network across the United Kingdom.

4 - For further information please contact:

Pembrokeshire County Council,
County Hall,
SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 764551

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