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The Role of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) | Tell Us What You Think

The Role of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO)

The Council's Civil Enforcement Officers will patrol the streets of Pembrokeshire. 

Their primary role is to encourage considerate parking by taking appropriate action against illegally parked vehicles, so that other drivers can go about their daily business with minimum disruption.

They will issue parking fines (officially known as "Penalty Charge Notices" or "PCNs") to vehicles that do not comply with Pembrokeshire's parking regulations.

Additional duties of CEOs will include:

  • Helping motorists to understand parking rules and park correctly
  • Identifying persistent evaders (motorists who consistently break the rules) and abandoned vehicles
  • Working together with the Police and Neighbourhood Safety Teams to keep the streets safe and secure
  • Reporting signs and parking equipment that require attention
  • Monitoring immobile objects in parking bays (e.g. skips) to check they are in compliance with their licence
  • Reporting vehicles with no valid tax disc to the DVLA
  • Report abandoned vehicles
Tell Us What You Think

We want to know where and when there are problems with on street parking.

All you need to do is send an email with all the information to

Further information can be obtained from parking services.

Telephone: 01437 764551

ID: 21732 Revised: 12/4/2013