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About Us

Including all Learners

Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to promoting achievement and wellbeing for all children and young people, including those with ALN, so that they have access to the same opportunities and services as everybody else.

The Pembrokeshire County Council's Education Inclusion Programme sets out a number of principles which guide the delivery of inclusive education opportunities.

In particular, the policy states that the overwhelming majority of school-age learners can and should be educated with others of their own age in their local community school which is properly equipped and fit for purpose.

To do this, an Inclusion Strategy has been developed based on five key strands:

• Getting the climate right - vision, policy and culture.

Building capacity to ensure staff have the confidence, expertise and access to specialist support to enable this to happen.

• Having a Quality Assurance Framework to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people are achieved.

• Maximising the use of resources by reviewing and developing support to ensure we make the most effective use of them.

• Developing strong partnerships within local areas.

The key strands will work together through a cycle whereby school and service provision is reviewed and, as a result of the findings, a programme implemented in order to ensure the needs of the learners, including ALN, are met. The figure below illustrates the key areas of activity taking place: 

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Vision & Strategy

The fundamental aim of the inclusion service is to promote achievement and wellbeing for all.  In essence, it means making sure that all children and young people have access to the same opportunities and services as everybody else and that their views are listened to and taken account of.  The overall goal in doing so is to achieve a more prosperous, fair and tolerant society.  Click on the links below to read about the Pembrokeshire vision and direction of the Inclusion Service.  This is assisted by the Behaviour and Attendance strategies.

Who We Are

The Inclusion Service is based in County Hall and consists of educational psychologists, advisory and specialist teachers, specialist learning support assistants, therapists, counsellors and attendance officers who have expertise in supporting a wide range of additional learning needs.  Inclusion Service staff are grouped into areas across Pembrokeshire and work as the Team Around the Pupil, Parent and School (TAPPAS). 

This document shows senior management roles and responsibilities.  

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