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School Arrangements

School Prospectus

Every school publishes a school prospectus which is available from the head teacher of the school (see school list for contact details). The prospectus will include: term dates and session times; a statement on how the curriculum and classes are organised; a summary of the school's policy for pupils with special educational needs; information about National Curriculum assessment results and school attendance data; the ethos and values of the school and details of any school uniform (which is not compulsory for primary pupils).

Access to Documents

Every school allows parents access at all reasonable times to the following documents:

  • Pembrokeshire County Council's Children and Young People's Plan and Strategic Plan for School Organisation
  • Welsh Assembly Government circulars and statutory instruments
  • published Estyn inspection reports regarding the school (these may also be accessed at the Estyn website
  • schemes of work and syllabuses
  • arrangements for consideration of complaints
  • the agreed syllabus for religious education
  • the Charging and Remissions policy of the Authority and Governing Body
  • full copy of governors' annual report to parents

In addition, a number of education policy and guidance documents are available on this website: see Policies, Plans & Publications

Start of School Day

You are asked not to send your children to school more than 10 minutes before school starts in the morning. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children outside the school gates, and the school is not responsible for any pupil entering school premises earlier than 10 minutes prior to the official start of the school day (as outlined in the school's prospectus). The head teacher of your child's school will be able to give you information about any school clubs, e.g. breakfast clubs, which meet before the start of the school day.

School Governing Body

Every school has a Governing Body which is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the school, including the appointment of staff. Elected parent governors represent parents on the Governing Body. All school governing bodies produce an annual report for parents and hold meetings at which parents can discuss the report with the head and governors. Parent governors are represented on the County Council's Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Parents are notified when a vacancy arises for a parent governor position and of the procedures for applying. Any parent interested in becoming a governor should contact the Governors' Support Service (Tel: 01437 776545).   

Insurance Cover In Schools

a) Personal Property
In Pembrokeshire the County Council insures its buildings and contents for fire damage. If children's personal property is damaged by fire in a Pembrokeshire school, it may be possible for a claim to be made against your own household insurance policy. Parents are recommended to consider seeking their own insurance protection for loss or damage to their children's personal property and this can often be arranged through a standard household contents policy by way of an extension.

b) Personal Accidents
It is not an obligation of the County Council to arrange personal accident insurance for pupils attending its schools. Parents are advised to consider whether they would seek to arrange their own insurance for personal accidents to their children.

c) School Journeys Policy
Most schools carry a School Journeys Insurance Policy for off-site activities such as school trips and visits.

Further advice regarding insurance for pupils may be obtained from Pembrokeshire County Council's Risk Manager (Tel: 01437 776291).

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