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Cashless Catering


Cashless Catering is now available at all Pembrokeshire Secondary Schools.

The cashless catering system allows pupils to pay for school meals without the need to carry cash. Instead, pupils are able to pay for their meals using their finger or a cashless catering card.

Biometric Finger Recognition

The biometric finger identification system uses the finger and its image to uniquely identify each student.

The system will take measurements of a child's finger and convert the measurements into a unique code which will be stored on the system. The system will only store a short string of encrypted numbers; it will not store an image of a fingerprint.

We require the consent of at least one parent before processing a pupil's fingerprint.

Consent form for the use of biometric information in schools

The biometric system is not compulsory. If you do not sign the consent form, your child / children will be issued with a cashless catering card, allowing your child to pay for school meals using a card instead of their finger.

Methods of payment that can be used to credit an account


Your child /children will be issued with a School Meals Account number. This number can then be used to make a payment online via the Pembrokeshire County Council `My Account` online facility.

This is the easiest and most convenient method of payment.

Benefits include:

  • Top up your child's account at a time to suit you
  • View balance online
  • Itemised transaction summary available on a daily basis
  • No need to find cash

Other methods of payment include:


Call our customer contact centre on 01437764551 and quote your child's School Meals Account number (Opening hours between 9 -5pm, Monday - Friday)

Automated telephone payment service

Contact 01437775164 and follow instructions

Cash at the coin loaders

Coin loaders will be sited at different locations within the school. Payments made via the coin loaders will credit your child's account immediately.

Please note that online and telephone payments won't be credited to your child's account until the following day.


Is there a limit on how much my child can spend each day?

Yes, the daily spend limit is automatically set on each pupil's account at £6.00 per day. If you would like this to be lowered or increased please contact caterings services via the contact details below.

How do `free meal` entitlements work?

Pupil's entitled to free school meals will have their accounts automatically credited daily. Any remaining credit will not be carried over to the next day; the balance will be reset to zero before the next day's allowance is added.

However, you can add to the free school meal allowance through any of the payment methods listed above. Any value added to the card over the free school meal allowance can be spent freely, and will be carried over if not used.

What happens if my child loses their card?

The card will be suspended and the child will be issued with a new card. The School Meals Account number will not change but there will be a small charge of £2.00 for the replacement card.

What happens if I cannot locate my child's School Meals Account number?

Please contact the catering services department via email or telephone (Contact details below).

Contact Details:

For further information, please contact catering services

Telephone: 01437 775943.

Catering Services
Pembrokeshire County Council
Unit 17 Thornton Industrial Estate
Milford Haven
SA73 2RR.


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