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Welcome to New Governors

Welcome to the part of our website specifically aimed at helping new governors in the early weeks of their term of office. There is a lot of information available to you, but the links below direct you to what we consider to be key information.

Statutory Regulations for being a Governor

Not everyone is eligible to be a governor. This details the regulations so that you can confirm there is nothing preventing you from serving as a governor. Because completing the declaration is a statutory requirement, you will have received this information with your letter of appointment.

Categories of Schools

This outlines key differences in the responsibilities of the Governing Bodies in different categories of schools. While you may not need to know the differences, you do need to know what this means for the category of school for which you are a governor.

Why do schools have governing bodies?

You need to know this as you take up office, and may need to keep reminding yourself. Here, we outline some of the specific powers and duties of a Governing Body.

Types of governor

All governors have the same status and should have the same aims. This article summarises the different types of governors and the sections of the community they may represent.

What to expect at meetings

This should be essential reading before your first meeting. It outlines the information you will receive with your agenda and how the work of the Governing Body may be conducted.

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