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Terms of Reference - Committees

It is a requirement that all committees of the governing body have written terms of reference (ToR). As well as outlining rules for membership and decision making, these give details of the areas of responsibility of the committee and the tasks it will perform.

ToRs are subject to audit and to inspection by Estyn.

The ToRs for each committee must be approved by the whole governing body and should be reviewed annually. This review need not be time consuming and may be done by the committees themselves making recommendations.

However, in 2007, we are asking all governing bodies to undertake a thorough review of their committees’ ToRs, culminating in revised ToRs where necessary. Please contact Governors’ Support Services for help on this. We can offer advice as well as leading a self-review session for the whole governing body.

Following the links below should help you through the process :

  1. Guidance on governing body committees
  2. What should be in the terms of reference?
  3. Blank template for terms of reference, highlighting what decisions the GB must make
  4. Finance committee model terms of reference
  5. Buildings, Health and Safety committee model terms of reference
  6. Curriculum and School Improvement committee model terms of reference
  7. Community committee model terms of reference

Please note - these are common non-statutory committees. Each GB will need to identify the areas in which each of its committees works and will need to adapt the terms of reference accordingly e.g. in the absence of a community committee, some of its tasks may be incorporated into the work of the Buildings committee.

  1. Extended list of tasks for committees
  2. Pupil Discipline and Exclusions Committee - model terms of reference
  3. Staff Disciplinary and Dismissal Committee - model terms of reference
  4. Staff Disciplinary and Dismissal Appeals Committee - model terms of reference
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