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Family Support Services

Being a parent is probably the hardest job there is. It is often pleasurable and rewarding, but there are also times when it can feel exhausting, stressful, frustrating and overwhelming. The following links will take you to services and organizations that can support families in their daily lives.

1 Pembrokeshire Family Information Service 13 School Counselling
2 Pregnancy and Maternity Services 14 Parenting websites, videos and helplines
3 Baby Costs Calculator 15 Relationship difficulties
4 Parent's Guide to Money 16 Single Parents
5 Registering a birth 17 Support for Grandparents
6 Health Visitors 18 Bereavement
7 Community Nursery Nurses 19 Bereavement support for children
8 School Nurses 20 Death of a child
9 Plant Dewi 21 General Bereavement
10 Team Around the Family (TAF) 22 Death of a partner
11 SNAP Pennar 23 Pembrokeshire Young Carers
12 Youth Offending Team    
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