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Childcare Strategy

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2014/2017  

From 1st April 2008 under Section 26 of The Childcare Act 2006, all Local Authorities throughout Wales have had a statutory duty placed upon them to undertake local Childcare Sufficiency Assessments at three year intervals.  

The purpose of undertaking an Assessment is to ascertain the supply of and demand for local childcare in order to meet the needs of parents/carers wanting to work or undertake training leading to paid employment.

It aims to identify gaps in childcare provision and make recommendations that will support the Local Authority to establish plans to meet the childcare needs of parents/carers in the County, and ensure Pembrokeshire County Council fulfils its statutory childcare sufficiency duty.

The duty is to secure sufficient childcare for children up to the September after the child turns 14 (the September after the child turns 18 for disabled children). The choice of age 14 reflects the commonly accepted view that this is the age at which most children can look after themselves for periods that allow parents to work. The age is extended for disabled children. Local Authorities will therefore secure sufficient childcare for children for the school year in which they are 13/14 (17/18 for disabled children).

Pembrokeshire County Council has recently undertaken its third Childcare Sufficiency Assessment to gauge the demand and supply of childcare locally in accordance with the Childcare Act 2006.

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2014/2017

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2014/17 Action Plan and Progress Made

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment - Refresh March 2015

For further information about Pembrokeshire's Childcare Sufficiency Assessments please contact Sharon Buckle on 01437 770005.

Childcare Sustainability grants

Funding is available to sustain / expand good quality childcare provision in the local area, particularly in areas of deprivation, or support registered settings who are at severe risk of closure.

Who can apply?
Childcare settings offering full day care, sessional care, out of school care / holiday care and childminding services that have already achieved registration with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

 What can you apply for?

  • Help towards staff costs/rent
  • Equipment for sustaining provision
  • Development of Welsh Language provision in line with the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment
  • Services/equipment to develop or support children with severe disabilities, or
  • CSSIW requirements/Health and Safety equipment required to sustain provision.  Please provide evidence
  • Funding contribution towards completing a Quality Award, e.g. Quality for All
  • Help towards marketing and promotion costs

Not Eligible for the grant:

•-       Unregistered settings

•-       Parent & Toddler groups

What is not applicable for the grant?

•·         Arts and crafts material

•·         Gifts for children

•·         Toys and non-essential equipment

•·         Pre-purchased items


Please refer to the Grant Fund Guidelines and Conditions of Grant before completing the application for a Childcare Sustainability Grant.

Sustainability Application Pack 2015/2016  


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