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Too much garden waste? 

We can collect it!

Pembrokeshire County Council is once again offering fortnightly (subscription only) garden waste collections using wheeled bins. The service will run between the week in which 1st March falls and the week in which 30th November falls, inclusive.

In 2016, collections will run from 29th February until 2nd December. The cost per bin for this service is 41.50.

The garden waste will be taken for composting which is a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of it, than sending it to be buried at a landfill site.

Benefits of using our garden waste collection service:

Subscriptions for 2016 have now closed. Subscriptions and renewals for 2017 will be available in February.

To cancel your garden waste collection service you can:-

|garden waste collection service - information booklet      |garden waste collection service - frequently asked questions     |garden waste collection service - terms and conditions

Garden waste is a household waste for which a collection charge can be made.

I have garden waste to dispose of but do not want to sign up to the collection service - what can I do with it?

You can:

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