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Laundering real nappies

Washing Machine

All you will need is a washing machine and a reasonable supply of real nappies.

Caring for your real nappies while reducing their environmental impact.

  • Real nappies can be washed at in 60º c in the washing machine using non-biological washing powder. There is no need to pre-soak or boil wash!
  • Do not use fabric softeners in the rinse program as they make nappies less absorbent.
  • Nappies can be stored for two or three days in a lidded bucket until there is a sufficient amount for a full load
  • Line drying is the best option as it is free and the sun will naturally sanitise your nappies. Tumble drying or drying your nappies on a direct heat source will shorten the life span of the nappies, and waterproof wraps could deteriorate.
  • Using an ‘A' rated appliance will reduce your energy and water consumption.

Remember: It is advisable to wash your nappies a couple of times prior to use, as this will remove any outer coating that may have been used during the manufacture of the material. It will also help with absorbency!


ID: 17813 Revised: 25/4/2017